Preschool Classroom

Class Room: Preschool
Ages: 2-3 Years Old
Teacher(s): Ms. Julie

We utilize low ratios in our older classrooms to allow our teachers to have more opportunities for one-on-one and small group learning time. In this room, the children begin using a state approved curriculum in addition to special activities and other lessons the teacher prepare. This curriculum is an early pre-kindergarten program that builds a foundation of oral language, phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, and concepts of print and a love of books. Literacy enriched learning centers provide a child-centered approach throughout the curriculum. These children begin to develop and work on pre-reading and pre-writing skills along with learning through play in our various learning centers. These centers are in place to allow for structured but independent learning through play!

This classroom is also participating in the Texas School Ready! Project through the Children’s Learning Institute for the third consecutive year in a row!

The TSR project is a research-based program that serves preschool-aged students to better prepare them for kindergarten. The design of TSR project increases children’s school readiness through five evidence-driven components: research-based curriculum, technology-driven child progress monitoring, facilitated teacher professional development, ongoing teacher mentoring, and sustainability.

We also provide learning through technology starting in this classroom. The students have access to a tablet to build skills and enhance their learning through technology.

Ms. Julie is the opening teacher, she has been employed with us since June 2018!